The Complete Guide On Beard Care

Let me tell you from extensive expertise, having a beard is not as simple as it looks. Beards are terrible creatures with a will of their own. They like to disobey and consistently seem to be striving to get things their way. It is a war every single day, and we fight it.

Beards shaped clipped beloved must be nurtured, groomed, trimmed, washed, combed or brushed and presentable. We are not a statement but an alternative and grow them for ourselves as well as for the general public. Doesn’t matter as much the type of beard we need to grow, as long as we choose to grow a beard.

Caring For Your Beard

How much upkeep is one willing to put money into this beard?

Would you like a full beard with entire care and that comes with it or do you want a goatee with simple grooming?

When considering growing a beard in the very first place, so many questions run through one’s thoughts. It is a commitment, a long-term dedication that typically continues for at least a couple of years. Make a brand new structure out of it, then determine to cut off it. Some can get quite creative with their beards and enter them in competitions.

Throughout one’s lifetime, there are various reasons for needing to grow a beard, if it is a different form, a goatee, or a full beard. Most are for motives of vanity, but other motives can be:

  • A show of masculinity
  • To cover up a facial defect
  • To conceal behind
  • To impress
  • Due to skin that is sensitive

Cleaning Your Beard

Keeping a beard clean does not mean washing your face. It means caring for it every day to make sure it looks healthy.

shampooWhether it is using soap in the sink or a scrubbing in the shower, a beard has to be kept clean for it to be a personal portion of your attire eventually. If not maintained properly washed and groomed, the beard can get ugly.

Shampooing like shampooing the hair on your head, plus your face a beard is a straightforward matter is more reachable to your hands and fingers.

A beard could always utilize an excellent conditioning, and hair conditioner works just great. So extra conditioning is always wise since beard hair is significantly coarser than the hair on one’s head.

Take care not to over dry but to keep a little wetness in for easier combing afterward when drying with a towel. A correctly groomed beard is clean and combed!

Grooming Your Beard

beard combThe secret to keeping your beard properly groomed is patience and repetition. It is a daily ritual that has to be performed if one is to achieve the perfection one seeks in their very own particular style of beard.

Beards aren’t one color, at least not for me. Dying it is always an alternative. However, when you start, you have to keep at it on a monthly basis.

There are plenty of tricks and different techniques on how to groom one’s beard and, naturally, it’s all personal preference.


beard trimmerOne of the very tedious, most time-consuming ways of keeping a beard properly preserved is trimming or clipping. It truly is a maddening ordeal that should be dealt with just. Hairs laugh at you in the procedure, dodge your effort to cut them, and will defy you.

A great pair is recommended if you opt to trim with scissors. I use a small pair of scissors, about 3 inches in length, which are perfect and do the job nicely.

Since I don’t trust them, personally, I really don’t enjoy using an electric beard trimmer. Edge trimming is best done with a blade anyway. If you own a trimmer, check with the instructions provided with your machine for more details. That is all I need to say on that.

Never trim a beard that is moist. Wet or damp hairs will appear longer than they are. You want your beard at its natural span and should trim it while it is damp.  Because when the hairs are dry, that’s when they do all their little curls, dives, and dips.


Yes, you still have to do some shaving as a way to keep proper grooming. Shaving along the neckline of the beard is especially tricky. As a person, I have to finish up that with a right-to-left swipe of the razor due to the direction of growth of my hairs.

Also, shaving the face is sometimes necessary, determined by the particular beard style selected. Little strokes of the blade are simple and can be done in no time.

Just remember to follow up any razor activity with a good shaving lotion to soothe your irritated skin.

Using a Beard Oil

So some folks will oil their beard hairs, the beard is a drier hair compared to the head hair.  The beard can be fine with hair conditioner, but beard oil will take it to the next level. It will also help your beard grow at a faster rate.